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At Picture Crafts we pride ourselves on the framing service we provide, from the selection of the frame, construction in our purpose built on site workshop, fitting to the collection we aim to provide a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

 We stock over 200 different mouldings and are continually working to find new frames.  Frame mouldings have changed a lot in the last few years and we have moved with the times making the most of the poly compound frames now available.  We also stock a vast collection of wood options and can apply stain or vanish depending on your needs.


We are enthusiastic about conservation. As picture framers we are constantly looking for new materials and techniques to provide a high quality product with conservation in mind.  We are specialist in finding the right way to frame your object, be it a painting, textile, limited edition art print or treasured memento. At Picture Crafts we understand that every object is different and all customers have differing needs.  We work with you to understand your needs and fulfil these in a way that is both aesthetically pleasing and protects your precious items.


Our range of glassing products cover the range from ordinary glass to art glass, and we will discuss with you the differences between the products so you gain from our experience and knowledge to find the right type for you.  

Ordinary Glass - the industry standard picture framing glass, this product is produced in a way to exclude wavy lines and flies (small marrs)  Ordinary glass has minimal UV protection.

Non Reflective Glass - This is the same as the ordinary glass but benefits from additional smoothing and polishing to provide anti glare properties.  The single sided acid etching is specifically designed for picture framing and is suitable for up to 3 mounts.  This glass is ideal for use of controlling reflections in harsh or difficult lighting conditions.

Art Glass - Art Glass is a new product on the market and has superceded the last product we used. Its just so much better.  This glass comes with a standard 92% UV protection, a miroguard coating to provide an anti glare, and is whitewater so there is no colour change caused by normal glass.  The sample in the shop is constantly being cleaned as the only thing you can see are my astonished customers finger prints.

Styrene (plastic Glass) - For extra large pieces or for weight difficulties we can also provide a plastic glass, this is a 2mm product that has the same properties as standard glass.

Mount Boards

We use 3 different mount board manufactures to ensure that the right colour is available.  We stock a wide range of these in the shop and are able to specially order any which are not in our collection.  We can cut multiple apertures as well as circles and ovals.  

Foam board can also be used to enhance a picture as well as provide extra depth for the object being framed for example a cross stitch with beading may require additional high to ensure the beads do not touch the glass. 

Picture Framing

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